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Have You Thought About Your Pets This Firework Season?

download Top Tips Ensure you do not have a bonfire at home or let off fireworks near any pets Do not leave your pet alone when fireworks are likely to be going off. Do not punish your pet, as this will only add to the anxiety and stressful situation. Do not physically restrain your pet Do ignore fearful behaviour. Do...
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Ice lollies, but better!!

clip_image004 Kongs not only make great fetch and chew toys but are also superb for making your dog a cooling and boredom busting treat. Simply fill them with some wet dog food or some other food your dog likes, freeze, and you have a treat which will entertain your dog for some time, and help to cool at the same...
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Cooling dog coats

clip_image002 Yes these coats actually cool your dog down. Simply immerse the coat in water for a couple of minutes squeeze out excess and the coat is ready to use. The moisture is retained inside the coat so that your dog doesn’t get wet. Coats are made of 100% synthetic material which makes them light and easily cared for.
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