Veterinary Surgeons

Bernard Wynne – MVB MRCVS


Graduated in veterinary medicine and surgery from University College Dublin in June 1982. Before moving to Manchester Bernard worked in Sheffield, Dublin and London. He is a member of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, the Feline Advisory Bureau, and the International Society of Feline Medicine. Bernard has two main areas of input in the practice, Laboratory Medicine and Behaviour. Due to Bernard’s interest in Laboratory Medicine the practice laboratory is very well equipped, giving us quick and accurate results. His expertise in cytology can often give us instant answers, for example a tiny tissue sample from a swelling taken with a hypodermic needle will give us the information on what it is and how to treat it. Is it a harmless swelling, infection or perhaps a cancer?

The rest of us also regularly use his expertise to help interpret complex laboratory results. Bernard’s second area of special interest is in Behavior. This is a very important and often neglected area of medicine. If not rectified behavioural problems can lead to animals being unnecessarily euthanased. At home Bernard is a keen gardener with a special interest in growing Orchids and Ferns. He also has a passion for all aspects of wildlife having developed a wildlife garden at home. Bernard relaxes to classical music and is a regular attendee at concerts.

Aidan Raftery – MVB CertZooMed CBiol MRSB MRCVS


Aidan gained his veterinary degree in medicine and surgery in June 1982. After initially working in a small animal and equine veterinary hospital in South Wales he moved to a 10 vet practice in Yorkshire where he was the main specialist for orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery before coming to Ashleigh Veterinary Centre in 1987.

In 2000 he was board certified in Zoological Medicine and Surgery by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and in 2001 he qualified as a Chartered Biologist and was granted membership of the Institute of Biology.

Aidan is currently the clinical director of the Avian and Exotic section of the practice. He is a member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians, the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians, the British Veterinary Zoological Society, the British Veterinary Association, European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians, and the British Veterinary Invertebrate Society. He has been commissioned to write chapters for many veterinary medicine text books in the field of avian and exotic animal medicine. He is a visiting lecturer at the Royal Veterinary College, and regularly presents papers at conferences and lectures at continuing education events for veterinary surgeons.

Aidan is particularly interested in applying the skills learned from the animals kept in a captive environment, to help preserve the free ranging populations in the worlds shrinking wilderness areas.

Matt Saunby – BVSc MRCVS

Matt qualified in 1999 from Bristol University. He joined a mixed practice in the forest of Dean where he built up his general practice experiences. It wasn’t long before he realised his interests lay in the cat and dog side of the work and so built up his small animal skills. In particular Matt loves surgery, both soft tissue and orthopaedics. Since joining the practice in 2003 Matt has further developed his surgical skills and now covers most of our surgical work and also takes on some referral surgeries. Most of Matt’s continuing education is spent studying the latest, most up to date surgical procedures. Matt became a partner of the practice in 2007. Previously a very keen all-round sportsman, playing for Halifax football club youths and Bristol badminton team, he was never short of exercise. However, since the start of his family his free time is somewhat reduced – most is spent doing DIY or mending things that have been broken! Ben was born in 2008, Neve in 2012 and identical twins Ella and Daisy in 2017.



Katherine Edwards-BVSc MRCVS


Kathy started with the practice in 2010 after taking a year off from veterinary medicine to travel the world. This gave her invaluable experiences which she could bring back to her working life once she returned. Having graduated from Bristol University in 2002 Kathy worked in a number of private veterinary clinics of various sizes, including a year at a clinic specializing in emergency medicine. This has enabled her to experience a wide variety of positions concentrating on different aspects of veterinary medicine. She particularly enjoys feline medicine and ultrasonography.  Kathy had recently returned from maternity leave and in her spare time enjoys spending time with her little boy and partner. She has a cheeky cat called Charlie.



Lianne Foxall-BVSc MRCVS

lianne photo


Lianne graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2014 and after a year as part of the “out of hours” team is now a full time member of staff. Prior to starting at the practice, Lianne gained experience working with wildlife in South Africa and currently volunteers at a local zoo. She particularly enjoys exotic animal medicine and in 2016 started her Improve International General Practitioner Certificate of Exotic Animal Practice. Outside of work Lianne enjoys riding her horse Isla. She also has two rabbits called Dexter and Shadow and Ollie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.








Filipe Martinho DVM.MRCVS

Filipe Martinho-MRCVS.


Filipe graduated in 2002 from the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal. Since then has worked in exotic and small animal practices in the Lisbon area. From 2007 to 2014 Filipe was involved in teaching parasitology and wildlife/exotic medicine courses to veterinary students in Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon. He also has a keen interest in scientific illustration and has published several pieces of work. He has also been closely involved with wildlife medicine and conservation projects in Portugal. Filipe moved to the UK in early 2016 and joined the Ashleigh Veterinary Centre team in October 2016. In his free time, Filipe enjoys birdwatching, photography and long walks in the countryside.  He currently has Nyx the cat, Tort-vader the tortoise and a tropical fish tank.




Faye Eldrett BVSC.MRCVS


Faye Eldrett BVSC.MRCVS


Faye joined our ‘’out of hours team’’ in 2015 after graduating from Liverpool University with distinction. She is now a full time day member of staff. She undertook her training placements at multiple veterinary practices throughout the UK.  She has a keen interest in surgery and exotic species. In her free time she enjoys snow boarding, gym sessions and when time allows creating her own art work. Faye has a rescue cat called Tilly.






Beth Herbert BVSc.BSc.MRCVS

Beth Herbert BVSc.BSc.MRCVS


Beth joined our ‘’out of hours team’’ in 2015 after graduating from Liverpool University. In 2016 Beth left Ashleigh and took a position at a veterinary hospital in Chester. We are delighted to have her back working with us since March 2018 working both at our Chorlton and Sale branches. In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, running and baking. Beth has a menagerie of pets. Including three rescue dogs Finnigan, Macy and Blue, and four cats Huxley, Matilda, Scout and Garfunkel and three chickens.






Lucija iLičić – MRCVS

Lucija iLičić – MRCVS


Lucija graduated in 2016 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Lucija joined our “out of hours” team in February 2017 and is now a full time day member of staff. She has a keen interest in veterinary medicine and in her spare time she enjoys exploring the outdoors and watching movies.








Emily Todd BVMS-MRCVS.


In 2017 Emily graduated from the University of Glasgow and joined our “out of hours team”.  in July 2017. In her spare time she enjoys exploring the outdoors and going to music festivals. Emily also has a Hermann’s tortoise called Edgar.






Ricardo Incarnato-MRCVS

Ricardo Incarnato-MRCVS


Ricardo graduated from the University of Teramo (Università degli Studi di Teramo) in 2016. Since qualifying he has completed an internship in Italy. He joined our “out of hours team” in January 2018 and has a keen interest in cytology. His hobbies include attending music concerts and spending time with his Jack Russell Paco.






DR. Charlotte Li –BVM&S MRCVS


DR. Charlotte Li –BVM&S MRCVS


Charlotte graduated in 2018 from Edinburgh University before joining our   “out of hours” team. She has a keen interest in veterinary medicine and exotic species. She owns a Bearded Dragon called Bob and in her spare time enjoys rock climbing








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