Many owners find the companionship of their dog so rewarding that they feel they would like to breed, perpetuate the line and retain an offspring. This can occur irrespective of the sex of the pet.

Others, sometimes first time owners, will acquire a bitch having made a definite decision that in the future they would like to breed from her.

Whatever the reason, however, there are certain important considerations and it is essential that you realise all the implications before embarking upon any breeding programme.

I obtained my dog from Rescue but he is so lovely I would like a puppy from him. How do I go about it?

Remember that just like people, dogs are individuals and although we say “Like father, like son” this does not necessarily always apply. However, if you really are intent on mating your mongrel dog you should remember that bitches, unlike people, usually have considerably more than one offspring at a time. You have to consider how the problem of rehoming the other pups is achieved.

First you have to find a bitch. She is almost a surrogate mother for your purpose. The owner of that bitch will be the person with the responsibility for rehoming the puppies that you do not want . Altogether this is not easy in view of the number of unwanted dogs in Rescue.

Owners of male crossbred and mongrel dogs will frequently make arrangements with neighbours or with other members of local dog clubs. However if you obtained your dog from a Rescue, pet shop, or even a neighbour’s litter, give thought to the puppies your pet will produce. Will you be comfortable if some, if not all of the rest of the litter, apart from the one you choose, end up in a pet shop or Rescue?

If I do decide to go ahead, is it likely that the offspring will have the same gorgeous traits?

Frankly the odds are against it, although training and environment mould puppies just like people.
My dog does need to be mated though, he becomes very “fruity” at certain times.

Mating on the odd occasion is only likely to make him worse. Remember that stud dogs, (pedigree males that have a proven show record), receive bitches on a fairly regular basis. Indeed some owners of pedigree dogs will actually allow non pedigree matings on occasion if for any reason there is a hold up in the supply of pedigree bitches!

What is the alternative, then?

Neutering. Remember all service dogs – Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Dogs for the Disabled – are all neutered. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, the most important of which is an increase in weight if you are not vigilant with diet. However with modern complete diets and help from the practice you should have no problems in this direction.

Since you seem to be intent on putting me off my idea, how do you suggest I obtain another dog with similar characteristics?

It depends upon the source of your original pet. That should perhaps be your first contact. Alternatively consider your local dog Rescue centres. They are full of unwanted animals, the majority of which make charming pets and physically they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and hair coats.

Rescue personnel will also be prepared to assist with specialised advice regarding any special requirements.

I obtained my bitch from rescue and they suggested she should be neutered at six months but she has turned out to be such a lovely pet I would like a litter from her.

Neutering is really the sensible approach to crossbred or mongrel bitches since depending on the type, any bitch is capable of producing up to 8-10 puppies and there is the problem of finding good homes. I am sure you will recall that when you chose your present pet there was no shortage of other dogs to choose from.

I realise that but she has turned out so special I would like a puppy from her.

Dogs, like people, vary. No matter how careful you are in selection of sire, which with a mongrel or crossbred, can in itself be difficult, there is still no guarantee that you ultimately achieve the puppy of your dreams.

This does not answer my question. How is it possible to get my mongrel bitch mated, short of letting her run with any dog in the local park?

Yes, there is. As mentioned previously owners of pedigree studs sometimes will allow mating with a non-purebred bitch and this is particularly useful if you want to concentrate on a particular character or conformation

For example, if you have a cross Boxer bitch it may be possible to mate her with a pedigree Boxer stud. Enquire at your local dog club or breed society in the first instance or contact the secretary of the appropriate breed club whose details are available from the Kennel Club.

However do consider that your bitch is likely to have considerably more than one or two puppies and what are you going to do with the others?

I have considered this and I am a member of a local training club and there are lots of people who would like a puppy.

That is fine but unfortunately there is a great difference between initial enthusiasm and final acceptance of the puppy. Unfortunately, many people do change their mind in the period between birth and weaning and it is for this reason there are so many puppies available for pet shop purpose and from Rescue.

What, then would you suggest?

Neutering. Have your bitch neutered and select a similar type of puppy from your local Rescue or via your local dogs clubs. Remember that you will be very fortunate indeed if you found known homes for all the members of any litter.

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