“I would like to thank you so much for all your advice and help over some difficult weeks when I really thought I’d ‘lost’ the Lyra we used to know and love. I can’t say how important it was to have that guidance, reassurance and support from you. Again, very many thanks.”

- Kate

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“Since moving house six months ago, my eldest dog Noah had started sitting down and not wanting to move when out for a walk. I filled in a behaviour questionnaire and then had a consultation with Carla. She went through the questionnaire in detail and gave me a personalised action plan. It became apparent that Noah seemed to be scared of traffic noise. Carla advised me to take Noah out in the car to a quiet area away from traffic and to walk him there. This worked really well and Noah started to gain confidence and walk a bit further every day. We also started working on walking him nearer to cars. He is still not 100% confident with traffic yet, but with Carla’s guidance we are seeing a steady improvement. He no longer sits down and loves exploring the golf course and local parks. Carla has been so supportive and has given us great advice. The best news of all is that Noah is happy and enjoying his walks again.”

- Rachel

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“After adopting 7 month old PLUTO I soon realised he came with his own unique bad habits, traits and behavioural issues, and could easily get very excitable. Although I’d say PLUTO was predominantly a very well behaved dog, I decided to seek professional help via the ‘Behaviour consultation’ with Carla at Ashleigh Vets in Chorlton and I’m so pleased I did.
After completing an initial questionnaire Pluto and I attended a consultation with Carla at the practice. She has been wonderful in helping me with Pluto. Carla quickly answered my sometimes lengthy and difficult questions, including support via email over the last 2-3 months. I cannot reccommend this service enough given the support I have received and the long-term change for the better I’ve seen in my dog. Thank you. Nigel and Pluto. Stretford.”

- Nigel

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