Alabama Rot Update

Alabama Rot Update
What is Alabama Rot?
Its correct title is – Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy and it is a disease that damages the blood vessels in both the skin and the kidneys. What causes it is still not known although some links may have been made to types of bacteria.What does it look like?
In the skin it causes painful ulcerated sores that fail to heal and have seemingly just appeared without any known cause.The main areas affected are the feet, lower legs, around the muzzle, lips, tongue or around the chest and stomach area. In the kidneys it can cause major damage and ultimately lead to kidney failure – your dog may begin to vomit, go off their food, change their drinking habits, become weak and possibly have blood in their urine.

Is it near me?
There have been 21 cases within a 20 mile radius of Manchester over the past few years. The most recent of which have been from within the Sale area. An on line map is available to check for confirmed cases across the UK.

How can I prevent my dog from getting it?
It appears that confirmed cases had recently been walked in muddy areas so, although no known cause has been found yet, we strongly advise washing your dog’s off after being walked in muddy woodland areas.

What should you do if you’re worried?
Please contact us immediately and bring your pet in to see us.

Although there is no cure, and currently no clear test that we can use to confirm the diagnosis, Alabama rot can be fatal and so if we suspect it we will act quickly. Your pet will need blood tests and to be kept at the practise for supportive care and close monitoring.

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