New Client Information;

Welcome to Ashleigh Veterinary Centre. Thank you for choosing us to provide your pet’s healthcare.

What to expect from the practice:Here at Ashleigh we appreciate that your pet is a family member, and as such we try to provide you with the same level of care as we would provide for our own family. All the members of the team have their own pets and as such understand the fears and concerns you  have when one of your pets are ill. We strive to prevent illness by providing a service that aims to prevent sickness  in the first place, keeping your pet as disease free as possible throughout life. Should your pet fall ill we are here to guide you through the difficulty of understanding what is wrong and what means we have available to help your pet.

With all new pets it is useful to provide us with the following:

If  you have a previous record of your pet’s vaccinations it would be useful to bring them with you.

If  your pet was registered at another practice, bringing their address and phone details will enable us to request details of former treatments, investigations, and results.


Terms and Conditions;

The practice provides several ways to pay for your pet’s treatment, (cash, cheque,credit and debit card). For existing clients, i.e. those registered for more than 6 months, we would normally expect payment on completion of treatment. For all new clients we would need a deposit to cover the estimated cost of treatment prior to commencement. In cases of distress to the patient we would provide emergency care until the deposit can be raised.

For more detailed information please see our Admissions policy.

Although the practice covers a huge range medical and surgical areas, with each vet working the practice having areas of particular  interest, we are unable to cover all areas to specialist level. Should a Veterinary Surgeon working for the practice feel that your pet requires skills not available within the practice, we will recommend referral. Equally if at any stage you feel you would like a second opinion from another practice we will be happy to comply with your wishes.


Prescribing and Dispensing;

Prescriptions are available from this practice.

You may obtain Prescription Only Medicines Veterinary, (POM-Vs) from your veterinary surgeon OR ask for a prescription and obtain these medicines from another veterinary surgeon or a pharmacy.

Your veterinary surgeon may prescribe POM-Vs only for animals under their care.

A prescription may not be appropriate if your animal is an in-patient or immediate treatment is necessary.

You will be informed, on request, of the price of any medicine that may be dispensed for your animal.

The general policy of this practice is to re-assess an animal requiring repeat prescriptions every 3 – 6  months, but this may vary with individual circumstances.

The standard charge for a re-examination is £26.88.

Further information on the prices of medicines is available on request.

Here at Ashleigh veterinary Centre we are happy to provide prescriptions, to help reduce the costs of your pet’s care.


Complaints Procedure;

Should at any time the practice fail to live up to your expectations, we would encourage you to talk to the Vet involved in your pet’s treatment. All of our Vets are quite happy to discuss your pet’s case with you, and address any concerns you may have be they medical, financial or personal. Should you feel this is difficult please speak to any member of staff you feel comfortable with, or our practice manager Carla Foulds.

In the unlikely event we are unable to resolve your concerns by informal discussion, we may ask you to put your concerns in writing to one of the partners. This will then be dealt with on a more formal basis.

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